Microsoft Announces Shop Ads & Other Updates

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Microsoft released its most recent round of marketing item updates today.

Amongst the leading updates is the launch of Microsoft Store Ads on desktop devices.

The updates to Microsoft’s advertising items include:

  • Microsoft Shop Ads
  • In-Market Audience Growth
  • Responsive Browse Ads Update

Let’s dive into each upgrade and how to benefit from each as an online marketer.

Expand Reach With Microsoft Store Ads

If you’re in the app or gaming market, this upgrade is for you.

This brand-new format will showcase your ad in the Microsoft Shop app on Windows 10 and 11 desktop gadgets.

More particularly, the advertisements will display in the Apps and Gaming tabs in the shop.

Here’s an example of what Microsoft Store ads will look like:

Image credit: Microsoft Ads Blog Site, January 2023 A few of the advantages of the new Microsoft

Store ads include the following: Expanded discovery of your app or game on additional gadgets Easy project setup and management within the Microsoft Advertisements platform Compatibility with the existing UET tag to track behavior To begin with Microsoft Shop ads

  • , you’ll require to submit your brand and link store products to your
  • Microsoft Advertising account. As soon as approved, you can begin utilizing this format instantly. In-Market Audiences Broaden Worldwide This next Microsoft Advertising upgrade is for global advertisers. Just announced, the In-Market audience sectors expanded to brand-new markets in the Middle East and Africa. With the expansion, 71

    In-Market audiences are now offered in these Middle East and African markets: Middle East Regions Saudi Arabia Yemen Algeria Azerbaijan Bahrain Egypt Iraq Israel Libya Moldova Oman Qatar Tajikistan United Arab Emirates Armenia

    Georgia Kyrgyzstan Africa Regions Ethiopia Malawi

  • Tanzania Zimbabwe Lesotho Mauritania Mauritius
  • Namibia
  • Reunion Island Seychelles Gambia Congo Guinea
  • Madagascar
  • Togo Nigeria Last Call For Expanded Text Advertisements While not a new update, Microsoft reminded online marketers that January 31 is the last day
  • to create or edit any Expanded Text Advertisement.

    Beginning February 1, the only new search advertisements that

  • can be developed
  • are Responsive
  • Search Advertisements. If you have existing Expanded Text Ads in your account, they will
  • continue to serve. However, you will not have the ability to create or modify ETAs
  • after the January 31 deadline.
  • This will be no
  • surprise if
  • you’re running your Microsoft

    Search projects in tandem with Google Search campaigns. Google was the first to officially sunset ETAs on June 30, 2022. What To Anticipate From Microsoft Advertisements In 2023 At the end of their January

    product update, Microsoft teased a couple of highlights of what’s to come in the following year.

    From the main announcement, it seems that Microsoft will continue to distinguish its ad platform from Google by focusing on the following: Regional Browse ads

    Marquee advertisements Additional vertical ads If you’re unfamiliar with vertical ads from Microsoft Advertisements, they formally debuted in September 2021. Presently, vertical advertisements are readily available for the following

    items: Automotive Credit card Cruises Health insurance Expert services Tours and activities It will be interesting to hear what extra verticals Microsoft prioritizes in 2023. Stay tuned for Microsoft’s next product updates coming February 7. Featured Image: monticello/Best SMM Panel